Brian Scott Productions has a number of show options to choose from.  In addition, Brian Scott Productions provides customized performances for groups to match theme and event needs.  Contact Brian Scott Productions today to discuss which performance will the best fit your next event.  


Magician Brian Scott has entertained audiences for over 20 years, performing around the globe and throughout California with a highly interactive reading program that combines magic, comedy and pure fun. The show not only encourages good reading habits, but also encourages good use of the library.

Brian Scott Productions shows have been used for: 

Reading Programs, Books Fairs, Family Fun Nights, Festivals, Assemblies, and much, much more!

“You are my favorite magician in the Bay Area. You are very reliable, professional, and always a crowd pleaser.”

        Cheryl Lee - Palo Alto City Library 

“…Brian challenged our students imaginations and made everything funny.  He posses a wonderful ability to captivate an audience as he interfaces tricks with academics. His performance was a breath of fresh air and I highly recommend him to any school.”

        Holly Pierce, 3rd grade teacher - Prospect Sierra School

“Thank you so much for driving all the way to Carson City to entertain and promote the library - yours was by far one of the best attended programs of the summer!” 

        Amber Sady - Carson City Library 

“Thank you so much for a super duper show!  Your show is a fabulous combination of magic, audience participation and rollicking fun just perfect for our elementary school-age audience.”

        Laurie Peck - City of Mountain View Public Library

“We would DEFINITELY hire you again!  Everyone (kids, teachers, and parents) thoroughly loved the show!  You were a burst of humor and energy.  You truly engaged your audience!”

        Rebeca Garcia – K.R. Smith Elementary School 

“Brian Scott’s performances are a sure-fire hit at our library, with humor, suspense, and dazzling magic that keep the crowd glued to the edge of their seats.  Best of all, Brian is extremely flexible and can adapt his show to almost any environment (which saved our last performance!).”

        Michelle Loomis - San Carlos Library

“Thanks Brian for a great show!!  Everyone loved it...and the kids couldn't stop laughing!”  

        Karen Kelly - Julia Morgan Elementary 

If you are looking for an interactive program that will entertain a wide range of ages while delivering messages about the importance of reading and books then look no further.  

Call today to book “Biblio Spectacular” for your school or library.


Bizarre and Strange is a show like no other, combining magic, comedy and pure fun.

Magician Brian Scott has spent a lifetime being intrigued by the bizarre and strange world of magic, and has collected entertaining oddities from around the world. With these oddities, he creates an experience that allows the audience to not only see but also partake in these strange occurrences first-hand.

Being described as a mix of one part Elvis impersonation, two parts goof, and the facial expressions of Jim Carrey, Brian Scott will have you laughing, scratching your head in wonder, and being just plain amazed.

During the show Brian Scott will twist your reality, proving that the oddest oddities are sometimes hidden in plain sight. The show features baffling and comical magic, audience participation, and surprising mind-reading demonstrations that will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief.

While this show is often found playing on large stages to audiences young and old alike Bizarre and Strange is not just a show - it is a concept.

With close to 20 years of production experience Brian Scott has created specialized versions of Bizarre and Strange to present to many different audiences including close-up, small stages, private parties and much more.

To find out if there is a Bizarre and Strange that is right for your next event or to have one custom made please contact Brian Scott Productions today.


Do you want to make $1,000, $2,000, even $5,000 or more from a one day event?

M3: Magically Making Money is a specialized fundraising program that maximizes your time and energy to help you make the most money possible with a professional magic, comedy and illusion show called Access to Oddities!

You get everything you need to start - posters, tickets, a FREE manual and more!

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