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An 8 week, at-home magic experience


What is Magic Mail?

While the Bay Area School of Magic can be found in MANY San Francisco Bay Area Schools there are a number of would be magicians that just can't get to one of our classes. That is why we have Magic Mail!  When you enroll your child in a Magic Mail program you are signing up for an 8 week program.  This is NOT a subscription service. Once your magician-in-training is signed up they will receive lessons in the mail and online support for 8 weeks.    


What will my child learn?

We start all of our students off with the purple wand course. In this course students will learn how to make rope melt through someones hand, make objects appear and disappear, read minds, do amazing card tricks, defy gravity, and create mind boggling illusions. During the 8 weeks, magicians-in-training will also learn the 8 basic effects that make up all magic tricks. More importantly they will discover the real secrets to becoming a true magician as each lesson reveals an important life skill to help build confidence and communication skills. 


Why Magic Mail

Magic Mail uses the same curriculum as our in classroom instruction and each lesson is intentional and thoughtful. This is not just a magic kit that you can buy at the store. Countless hours of thought and design went into each lesson to make sure that your child doesn't just learn a trick, but learns how to make that trick shine.  In addition to the weekly prepared lessons that are paired with a secret file folder, you will have access to both performance and instructional videos in the On-line video Vault and you will have email and phone support too. Many parenting adults opt to learn alongside their child making this the perfect shared experience building memories for years to come.   




Two shipments containing four lessons each will be shipped to your home spaced out by 4 weeks. Everything needed to explore the material will be included. Custom props, secret file folders and access to an online video vault with instructional and performance videos. Weekly support emails will be sent to help guide you along your journey. After exploring the materials you can send any and all questions to the Bay Area School of Magic via email.  The course lasts for 8 prepared lessons and includes bonus materials in both the file folders and the on-line video Vault.   Course comes with unlimited email support and correspondence. 



Basic plus one 30-minute Skype session and access to in-person meet-ups and scheduled live group video sessions. (Additional sessions can be purchased as needed.) 



Includes the same as Basic + Standard Combined, plus two additional 30-minute Skype sessions, and one in-person private 60-minute lesson. (Please note that deluxe slots are limited.) 


No long term commitments or contracts. 

No monthly subscription fees. 

  Go at your own pace - in the comfort of your own home!


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